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Infrasructure Services

Server Infrastructure

Servers are a backbone of your infrastructure. If not maintained properly, company can experience operational downtimes and data loss. We can assist with:

  • Ad-hoc break/fix;

  • Assure your servers are tuned, secured, and operating at their optimal performance;

  • Upgrading hardware;

  • Scaling up - we can recommend best compute for your workload and will assist with provisioning and configuration;

  • Assist with planning and implementing non-business-impacting scheduled security patching;

  • Wondering about hyper-converged compute - we'll recommend best options for the budget and assist with implementation.


Virtualizing workloads save companies money and resources. However, improperly configured hypervisors, lack of monitoring, resource exhaustion can cause major issues and outages. We are here to:

  • Plan and implement new VMware or Hyper-V infrastructure;

  • Upgrade existing vCenter, ESXi hosts, and Hyper-V servers;

  • Scale-up or extend your infrastructure;

  • Upgrade backend compute and storage.

Digital telephony (Voice Over IP)

Telephony and conferencing is critical for business, both communicating internally and with external partners. We can replace your old telephony or deploy new system from scratch so you and your employees can take advantage of newest trends in collaboration technologies.

Desktop Support

Desktop Support includes but not limited to troubleshooting issues with network connectivity, printing, account lockouts, patching, workstation scheduled maintenance, user training, etc.

New employee onboarding

We will assure new hires have necessary hardware, software, permissions, etc. to perform their job functions from day one.

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