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Microsoft's Active Directory is world's number one identity provider used by virtually all businesses, big and small. Choosing right structure, security, backups, etc, is something often ignored and causes significant performance degradations, security breaches, and service unavailability over time.


We can help with:

  • designing and implementing new secure and highly available directory services;

  • assess, redesign, restructure, and / or harden existing Active Directory implementation;

  • upgrade Domain Controllers and all Active Directory functionalities to latest and greatest;

  • Plan and implement robust Active Directory backups;

  • Configure advanced logging and auditing to stay compliant with regulatory requirements;

  • Automate common Active Directory tasks;

  • Train your IT personnel for advanced Active Directory management; 

  • Consolidate existing multi-forest / multi-domain services;

  • Just went through acquisition and want to migrate everything to single domain - we'll assist with resource migration, domain consolidation and decommissioning;

  • Have existing on-prem Active Directory and migrating to Office 365 - we can assist with implementing hybrid model and make your Active Directory co-exist with cloud counterpart Azure AD.

  • Harden and audit Azure Active Directory;

  • Migrate Single Sign On from existing Identity Provider to Azure AD;

  • Implement Multi-factor authentication for Azure AD;

  • Advanced Azure AD configuration and management.

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